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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Our Laboratory & Lens

All of our optometrists are registered in the Hong Kong Government Register for Optometrists with over 30 years experience in the field. From receipt of your prescription, through every stage of the production process to dispatch of your finished glasses, our optometrists use the latest technology to check the accuracy of the prescription and the quality of work. That means you can feel secure in the knowledge that what you order is what you will get!


Lens Guide

Vintage Eyewear 4 You offers a wide range of prescription lens from premium quality house brand. Our lens cover refractive indexes of 1.56 (Thin), 1.61 (Super Thin) or 1.67 (Ultra Super Thin) for single vision correction needs. All of the lens that we offer are made of High Index plastic material. The cost of each lens material differs based on thickness of the material. The least expensive option is 1.56, due to a lower refractive index (lens thickness). The higher the chosen index, the thinner and more expensive the lens will cost.


Lens Index Guide

Thin Lens - Middle Index 1.56 [SPH:0.00 to -4.00, 0.00 to +2.00  $38] 
Middle Index 1.56 lens options are made with high-grade plastic material and have a hard multi-coating that makes the lens highly scratch resistant. These lens have a refractive index of 1.56 for a high rate of light transmission resulting in crystal clear vision.


Super Thin Lens - High Index 1.61 [SPH:0.00 to -7.00, 0.00 to +4.00 $58]

High Index 1.61 lens offer a higher refractive index compared to middle index lens options of around 1.61. Along with optimal ultraviolet (UV) light protection, our 1.61 lens range are up to 20% thinner than normal plastic lens. They are also designed with shatter resistant properties making them an all around top choice for high prescriptions and ideal for rimless and semi-rimless frames. 


Ultra Super Thin Lens - High Index 1.67 [SPH:0.00 to -10.00, 0.00 to +8.00 $98]

The Ultra Super Thin Lens has a refractive index of 1.67. They are recommended for those with higher power prescriptions and are looking for a thinner lens option for cosmetic appeal. On average, the 1.67 lens are around 30% thinner than 1.61 lens.