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Friday, March 22, 2019

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  • Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 019/72
  • Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 019/72
  • Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 019/72
  • Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 019/72
  • Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 019/72
  • Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 019/72
  • Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 019/72

Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 019/Z2

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Tint Density

The tinted lens actually absorbs the tint color into the lens material. Tint density is defined as a percentage, where 0% is completely clear, and 100% permits no light to pass through (solid). A 15% to 25% tint is used for a fashion tint, and a 50% to 85% tint is used for outdoor protection from the sun.

For driving, yellow lens help you distinguish contrasts, which can aid in driving. They can also be effective for foggy or hazy daylight conditions.

For sun protection, you would use a 50% tint for all around use, both during midday and during morning and evening hours when there is less available light. A 50% tint is a better all-around lens.

For bright light situations, like midday sun on the water, an 85% tint provides maximum protection from the bright sun.

Anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses

We'd recommend this option if you plan to keep the lenses in your glasses and wear them a fair bit.These lense will help you achieve the same aesthetic benefits and protection as our high quality prescription lenses.

Thin Lenses - Middle Index 1.56 [SPH:0.00 to -6.00, 0.00 to +4.00]

Middle index 1.56 lenses options are made with high-grade plastic material and offer a solid amount of ultraviolet (UV) light protection. These lenses are recommended with rimmed frames but not recommended for rimless and semi-rimless frames.

Super Thin Lenses - High Index 1.61 [SPH:0.00 to -8.00, 0.00 to +4.00]

Super thin lenses offer a higher refractive index of around 1.61, along with solid amount of optimal ultraviolet (UV) light protection, which make them an excellent choice for high prescriptions. These lenses are ideal for both rimless and semi-rimless frames.

Ultra Super Thin Lenses - High Index 1.67 [SPH:0.00 to -14.00, 0.00 to +14.00]

Ultra super thin lenses have a refractive index of 1.67. They are highly recommended for those with higher power prescriptions and are looking for a thinner and lighter lenses option for cosmetic appeal. These lenses are top choice for rimless and semi-rimless frames.

Pupillary Distance (PD)

The Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between the centers(pupils) of your eyes, measured in millimeters.

An accurate PD is a required measurement to make your prescription glasses. Your optometrist can provide this to you with your eye test.

A PD measurement is also something you can measure yourself with the help of a friend.

SPH Sphere

The Sphere Power(SPH) is the amount of long or short sightedness and will always have a plus (+) or minus (-) sign in front, or above, of the number.

The positive and negative values are not the same.

Please be extra careful with this when entering your prescription. If your prescription only has one number for each eye, then this is your Sphere Power.

CYL Cylinder

The Cylinder (CYL) is the measurement of your astigmatism and also has a plus(+) or minus(-) sign present.

The positive and negative values are not the same.

Please be careful with this when entering your prescription.


If you have a value for Cylinder, you will also have an Axis value.

If you have no Cylinder value in one or both eyes, your Optometrist may just write the Sphere Power alone or PS in the Cylinder section.


The Additional ADD value is for those requiring reading glasses or bifocals.

It indicates the power added to your Sphere value for reading or close up work.

If you have a prescription for reading glasses or bifocals, and you only see one ADD power, it is understood that you have the same ADD for both eyes. If you do not see an ADD power, leave it blank.


Left eye. The second line of your prescription is for the left eye, sometimes referred to as OS.


Right eye. The first line of your prescription is always for the right eye, sometimes referred to as OD.

Full Color Lenses

Gradient Color Lenses

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Special Price: $168.00

Regular Price: $218.00

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FREE GIFTS valued at $40

 4 in 1 screwdriver(?)

  • 4 in 1 screwdriver is applied for repairing eyeglasses.
  • The repair tool includes: Flat head screwdriver / Phillips head screwdriver / Hex Wrenches.
  • With a key ring, portable and easy to hang.

 Scratch Resistant & Anti-Reflective

 Eyewear cords & Cleaning cloth

Lens Size   :58mm
Bridge Size   :14mm
Temple Size   :135mm


Style, tradition and freedom of expression are the key values underpinning the philosophy of Ray-Ban, for generations the undisputed world leader in sun and prescription eyewear. Debuting in 1937 with the Aviator model created for American Air Force pilots, Ray-Ban joined Luxottica’s brand portfolio in 1999. Unaffected by the conceptual transience of fashion, Ray-Ban immediately made a name for itself thanks to the absolute quality and authenticity of its eyewear, now more “modern” than ever and worn by countless movie celebrities and trendsetters all over the world..

Made in Italy

  • ​100% authenticity guaranteed
  • ​Come with original packaging​

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